PEAK Pastors

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What does it mean for pastors, their families and lead teams to live and lead healthy? How can you partner with them along the journey that is ministry life? Peak Pastors is designed to equip and encourage both pastors and lay-leaders as they collaborate to create healthy experiences and environments for pastors and their families through interactive coaching relationships, retreats, conferences, seminars and more.

Enjoy these samples of the Peak Pastor’s Leadership Conference Guides.

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Core Values:

P – Promote the well-being of pastors, their families and lead teams. John Maxwell reminds us, “As go the leaders, so goes the church.”

E – Encourage and equip pastors and local lay-leaders to create healthy environments and experiences in their unique ministry settings.

A – Accountability is central to our integrity as Christ-followers and ministry leaders.

KKeep the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the heart of the commission we all share.

How can we partner with you? Let’s get together soon to discover how CCC can partner with you to position the servant leaders in your life for optimal health and influence. Email us at: