Great Churches Part 7

connect groups logo concept final-02Great Churches Connect!

Great churches understand that deep and lasting connections don’t just happen.

They understand that strong ties are purposed and take a targeted effort to further strengthen and grow those ties in an inclusive vs. exclusive way. They don’t get too busy doing the work of the church that they neglect doing the work of the Lord.

Here are 3 Ways Great Churches Connect along with 1 Strategic Question to challenge us as leaders in each area…

Great Churches Connect UP!

This one may be so obvious that we miss it in it’s depth. Don’t underestimate the collective effect! It is through deep preaching, teaching and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, week in and week out, that we grow as a body of believers.

Strategic Question: Dare to survey your staff, lead teams and congregation. Ask, “Have you grown in a measurable way through these 3 vital areas in the past year? Why or why not? How so?”

Then, determine to do something as a lead team to deepen the connection with the Lord in each area. Seek out training opportunities and other experiences to challenge your spiritual connection in real, tangible ways as a lead team.

Great Churches Connect OUT!

This is all about serving your community through partnerships. Great churches get it… it isn’t all about them! Doing something to intentionally help “the least of these” isn’t just a verse to “amen” on Sundays. They actively partner and promote the collective good through others; businesses, non-profits and even other churches!

Strategic Question: Who are you partnering with to make a measurable impact in your community and in what ways? How are you promoting the impact and influence of others to help them be more effective in meeting the needs of “the least of these?” 

Great Churches Connect IN!

Most churches excel to a fault on this one. In other words, they focus so much on insiders that they miss connecting with others… and even the Lord. Still, connecting IN through small group ministry and purposed training opportunities is essential.

Strategic Question: Are you growing in your small group ministry? What are the numbers? How can you become a church OF small groups verses a church with small groups? 

Here’s a “bonus quote” to challenge your thinking when it comes to creating your small group culture…

“Don’t try to create a church where everyone knows everyone. Create a church where everyone is known.” – Carey Nieuwhof, Pastor of Connexus Church.

Need some help to get moving in the right direction in these 3 Ways Great Churches Connect? Email us at Let’s talk about how we can partner to help you connect more effectively UP, OUT and IN than ever!

Thank you for following the Great Churches series of posts. Are there more things Great Churches do that sets them apart? Of course. However, these will go a long way to increase your effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission in your community!


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