Great Churches Part 1

download-1Let’s keep this simple. By “great,” we mean healthy, and by healthy, we mean a church that intentionally makes disciples who makes disciples of Jesus.

What is it, then, that great churches like these do that distinguishes them from less effective ministries?

Dive in with us over the next couple of weeks as we move into 2019. Unpack the 7 Things Great Churches DO to become more effective in making disciples who make disciples of Jesus.

Here’s #1… Healthy Churches do LESS.

“What?” That’s right. Healthy churches do less than habitually busy churches.

What does it mean to do LESS?

It means their vision is focused and guided by values motivated by a passion for making and growing as followers of Jesus in their communities. Check out Values: Part 1 and learn more about the role of Values in your church.

It means they don’t give in to the pressure of following trend or perpetuating tradition. They are brave enough to do what they have been called to do in the here and now, and not what the church down the street or across the country (or online) is doing. No apologies. (They also don’t apologize for doing what works even if it means doing what “that church” is doing!)

For more on this subject, check out what CareyNieuwhof has to say about what doesn’t work anymore.

It means they often choose greater impact while supporting fewer causes and even offering fewer ministries. However, when they do what they do for who they do it for, it is a game and life changer! The hard truth is that trying to have a little something for everyone often means that almost no one actually experiences deep life change. We simply check their demographic off of our proverbial list, satisfied that we made an effort. Where’s the Gospel that saves in this? 

It means they have healthier leaders, paid and volunteer. They aren’t constantly spread thin and hanging by a thread! They work as hard as they do smart with time for what matters most, RELATIONSHIPS with Jesus and others.

Ask yourself and your team, “Could less really be more?”

Let’s get together to talk more about how this can become a new way of living out the Gospel in and through your local church. Email us and let’s talk about a coaching partnership towards becoming a great, healthy, disciple-making ministry!


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  1. Great insight! I’m always trying to find the way to work/lead smarter not harder or busier. This thought is definitely on our leadership agenda for 2019. Thank you for this article.

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