Values: Part 5

download-1Discovering and establishing a great set of Values is no small task. However, it’s only half the battle in growing your culture. How do you go about infusing these Values into your leadership, core volunteer teams, and ultimately church or organization-wide?

Consider these 5 ways to communicate your Values…

Preach it. The preaching pastor should purpose to incorporate Values into messages. This shouldn’t be a “stretch” given that Values themselves find their genesis in the Spirit and Word of God. Jesus was constantly declaring what He valued most throughout His life and ministry through direct preaching, teaching and in parables and illustrations. Follow His lead and incorporate your Values in the same way.

Teach it. Gather your wider group of volunteers and then talk and walk through your Values. Give examples as to what they do and don’t look like in each area of ministry. Don’t make the mistake of thinking people will just “get it.” Be intentional about learning together how your Values will get down to the “DNA” level of your organizational culture.

Talk it. This one is as easy as it is easily overlooked. Speak about your Values as a natural part of the language of leadership in your church or organization. Promote them by saying so when a Value is being modeled and point out when you are falling a little short. And, while you’re at it, put them in print in creative ways throughout all your media outlets.

Model it. “Do as I say, not as I do.” That motivates no one. Be the first to live out your Values and do so in a way that others can readily see and follow. It isn’t about “being seen.” It is about setting the example and leading the way so that your teams know you will never ask them to do something you aren’t willing to do first.

Review it. Have an event coming up? Plan on taking the time post-event to talk about how well your Values were represented from start to finish. What did you do well? What could you have done better… and how?

Reward it. “What gets rewarded, gets repeated.” (Andy Stanley, North Point Church) This timeless truth will prove vital as you purpose to change your culture to reflect the Values you hold. From a simple encouragement to public recognition and even a greater level of investment… make it a point to make a BIG DEAL out of people and moments when your Values are on display. Post about it on social media to inspire others. Remember, “What gets rewarded, gets repeated.”

Never stop. Does this seem like a lot of work? Sometimes it is. However, you will discover that once your Values become a part of your culture, they will almost take on a life of their own. NOT living up to your Values will become rare and immediately “out of place.” It will just be who you are because they are simply, “How we do things around here.”

Here’s the bottom line.Values are all about people! How much we value people is directly reflected in what our Values are and how we purpose them as a leadership team.

Ready to discover your church or organizational Values? We would love to come alongside you in the process. Email us at and let’s talk about a partnership!

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