Values: Part 4

download-3The “How To” – Part 2

Now that we have gotten down to the “nitty gritty” of values, here’s where we go next…

“Get real.” Start by taking an honest look at your culture and identify the Values you presently live and lead by. Again, you may not have officially labeled them, but they are there and are guiding your organization in a powerful way right now! This may hurt a little or a lot, but you need to expose and then get rid of anything toxic before getting healthy.

Get to work. Ask yourselves, “What do we want to be and be known for?” Then, explore and establish a set of Values around that answer. Need a refresher on what Values are (and aren’t)? Check out Values: Part 2. This probably isn’t going to happen in a single session. Be ready to gather lead team members other influencers from your organization and dig deep on several occasions. Wrestle through it, pray over it thoroughly and the finish product will be that much better!

What is your Vision or Mission? Keep it in focus throughout this process as well. Be sure the Values you are considering guide and guard it! Don’t have a vision? Don’t know how to get one? That’s another story… email me and let’s process some questions that will move you in the right direction!

Finally, get some help. This is where a good Coach comes in! A Coach will keep you on track and help you when you get stuck. They can also help you “trim the fat.” Let’s face it… you can’t learn, lead and live 27 different Values as a culture! Less than 10 usually works for those doing it really well out there! And, it may just take a coach to keep you honest and on point.

What are you waiting for? Go for it! There’s a brand new culture and level of effectiveness waiting on the other side!

Be looking out for one more post on Values. How do you infuse them into your culture… really get them down to the DNA level of your organization? 

Need some help? Let us know! Email us at

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