Values: Part 3

images-2Now that we have an idea of what a set of Values is, it’s time to get practical. Let’s talk about the “How To” of developing a set of Values that will help you and your church or organization create the kind of culture that will move your vision forward!

Gather a team. Like vision, values must be cast (and recast), caught, taught & modeled by every individual leader, starting with THE LEADER and the lead team. However, the values of your culture ARE the culture and are shared and experienced by everyone.

Put it this way… your culture IS, because your values ARE!

Gather a great team who will help you “get it!”

Get away. It’s been said, “You cant work on it if you are always working in it.” (Andy Stanley) You don’t have to go far, just away. Find a place with some green space. Have some fun, get creative, and get down to business all in one event.

Bring a white board or maybe some oversized “post-it” sheets you can fill and then stick on the walls. Whatever works for you to engage your team.

Then… learn from the best! (“Glean” for you “OCD” types like me who need another word that begins with a “G!”) Do your homework. Everyone get in on researching influential churches, non-profits and businesses and the values they live by. Bring them to the table and then dig in together with a broader, more informed perspective.

Need some examples? Here are a few incredible sites and resources to get you started. Spend some time learning from these leaders and their value-driven cultures before you arrive…

Vanderbloemen Search Group

Church of the City

Life Church

Will Mancini On Values

What’s next? Check out Values Part 4 coming soon! This (almost) final post on the “How To” of Values will help you focus your team and do the hard work of establishing your values.

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