VALUES: Part 2

images-2What makes something a Value for your church or organization? Let’s start by establishing what a Value isn’t.

A Value isn’t a thing, object or person. For example, if you are a church, then Jesus, the Bible, prayer and “the lost” (are you sitting down?)… are NOT Values. These supersede everything else and are invaluable.

When you begin to place value on things, objects, or persons, you will eventually have to answer the question, “What about this, that or them?” This will only produce lateral movement at best, and worse, move the mission backwards as leaders take sides and spiral into a debate over what or who is more valuable.

A Value simply says, “This is how we do things here.” (Andy Stanley) In other words, Values more readily define “How” and not “What.”

The Vanderbloemen Group has created an incredibly influential culture, serving the greater church by helping them staff with Christ-centered excellence. One of their values is “Ridiculous Responsiveness.” In other words, everyone in their organization models fast and informed responsiveness to customers inquiries or needs. They value customer’s time and, thus, their customers. As it turns out they like this and respond with loyalty and by recommending them to others!

What isn’t ridiculous are their results. Thousands of churches, large and small, have partnered with them to help put together great teams to serve the Lord and His church! Read more at Vanderbloemen Values Guide

How do you do things in your church or organization? Take an honest look within. Ask your lead team and your wider leadership and volunteer base. Find out what is really defining your culture (and probably competing with your vision) and then purpose a better set of values. Let’s go just a little deeper…

Craig Groeschel has put things in clear perspective, “Culture is a combination of what you create and what you allow.”

This will go a long way towards answering the question, “Why can’t we seem to change things around here… to grow?” Look at your present culture, your very real Values (written or not). Ask what you have created and what you have tolerated. Then, get intentional about creating a culture defined by Values that guide, guard and grow your Vision. Learn more about how Craig Groeschel and Life Church have created such an amazing value-driven culture here Value Driven Culture

YOU CAN DO THIS! Yes, it requires much prayer, humility, and a whole lot of work. Still, you won’t regret it in the long run.

Need some help discovering your Values? I would love to come alongside you and your team! Email me at and let’s talk about partnering towards God’s preferred future for your unique vision.

Bonus… check out Organizational Values – Forbes for another challenging perspective!

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