Great organizations and their leaders all have a few things in common. One of those is that they know they never arrive, and they embrace this reality with a humble passion.

There are a few things that you and your lead team need to be doing on an annual basis in order to lead according to this reality and both gain and grow more influence on the way to fulfilling your unique vision.

It’s never too late to (re)Lead. Here are some big-picture places to simply begin the conversation…

(re)View: Get your lead team together. Then, take a good, long look back over the year. Let your faithful followers in on what you will be doing and engage everyone in prayer for wisdom and insight.

Talk about the intangibles. Start with your staff and/or lead teams. How healthy is the lead team (and their families)? How is morale? What about momentum? Is there any and in what direction? What are people excited about? What are people concerned about, asking about or for? Have we asked ourselves or anyone else? Do we dare?

(re)Look: This is taking reView one step further. What do the stats, the numbers, say? What do they mean? How do they inform your vision and strategy going forward. Sometimes it’s fun to look and, sometimes, not so much. reLook anyway.

(re)Think: You might call this reASK. Great leaders aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions of their own leadership, team, vision, values, systems, etc. Jesus was and is the master of the art of inquiry, often even answering questions with questions. So… ask it!

Is it working? Just because it isn’t broke doesn’t mean it doesn’t need fixed (or tossed).

Did the event, initiative, position, ministry, process, tradition or latest trend you invested in move the vision forward in a measurable way? If not, how can it become more effective? Do we have a process in place for measuring all of this? Check out Review It! to help you get started. Tailor it to fit your specific needs for reviewing well.

Or, again, does it just need to be out of the way to make room for something more effective, something more focused on reaching your target audience? Better yet, maybe it isn’t replaced by anything in order to give more focus, energy, and resources towards the things and people that are?

(re)State: Once you have clarity, you simply can’t communicate clearly enough or often enough about the things that matter.

Assume nothing. Answer the questions few may be openly asking but some are often thinking, at least those that share your passion and hope for the future.

What is the vision? What are your values? Where is this going? What’s now and what’s next? What are we asking people to rally around, to specifically do? Communicate these things in every way… verbally, in writing, your website, social media, etc. Most importantly, live and lead them by example! 

Remember, if you don’t provide the narrative for your organization going forward, someone else will and you may not like the script they produce. 

(re)Ward: Don’t forget to celebrate the wins!

Someone has said, “What gets rewarded, gets repeated.”

Celebrate with those who have rolled up their sleeves and partnered with you throughout the year. Do this annually as well as generating a culture of gratitude as you go and grow together! Recognize people and the difference-makers they are.

Be a great leader and lead team and always be (re)Leading!

Need some help with this? The areas covered and questions asked in this post are broad and should be asked of any leadership team. Are you ready to take a more specific and focused look at your organization? We would love to come alongside you and your team as you (re)Lead for the future.

Contact me at tompelt1@gmail.com. Let’s talk about how we can partner to set your organization or ministry on the path to (re)discovering and fulfilling your vision!

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