Review it!


Post Event Review 

Constant improvement is a constant for the organization that is gaining influence. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. How do you create and thrive in a culture of constant improvement? You REVIEW IT! 

Sit down with your team after every event and ask the following questions…

“How can we do it even better?” This should be a constant for those wanting to increase effectiveness on the inside and leverage greater influence on the outside. However, it won’t just happen. Remember this old adage… You can’t improve improve what you can’t manage and you can’t manage what you don’t measure. 

Who needs thanked and for what? Be specific and make it personal! Remember… gratitude generates generosity! 

What went wrong and why? Don’t gloss it over. Own it, be specific and deal with it. 

How will we fix it and who will we partner with? We are all tempted to say,  “It’s easier to do it myself,” but it is rarely better!. Partner with others for the preferred outcome.

What went well and how can we make it awesome? This is where we usually like to begin. Capitalize on your strengths and add those little “plusses” that make your event and organization stand out!

Finally, ask, “What are some other ways to improve?”

Post-vent review is not a luxury, it is a necessity to gain and grow influence in your ministry, organization or business! Use this article as a post-event review and “to do” list for your team soon after an important event to continually improve and grow together as a team Better yet… keep it with you during an event and take note of the “next time” while you go!

Click here for a free pdf you can take and make your own! posteventreview

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