Why Your Church Should Invest in Young Leaders

IMG_7323Why should you and your church invest in young leaders? Whether college age or 20 somethings, volunteers, interns, part or full-time, here are 4 reasons why you should make partnering with young leaders a priority…

1) You are investing in them. The challenge they face is this… ministries post positions but require or “prefer” 3 or 5 years experience. Yet, not everyone wants to give them the chance. This is more than discouraging to many young people I have spoken to. They are eager to answer their unique callings into ministry but hit the experience “wall” time and again. My advice for your church… INVEST! You be the ministry that gives them a shot.

Jiaan&Katelyn2) You are investing in your ministry. Young leaders bring an energy and enthusiasm that is a “shot in the arm” for any lead team and church family. The young leaders we have purposed to partner with over the years have done this and so much more! Sure, they will make some mistakes along the way. Who hasn’t? Who doesn’t? Still, they bring fresh ideas and creative perspectives to the table, especially concerning how to reach their generation for Christ.

3) You are investing in yourself. Fair warning… you and your more seasoned team may just be the ones who gain experience and insight into life and ministry. While it may be all too familiar, 1 Timothy 4:12 applies well here… “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 

4) You are investing in the kingdom of Christ! If you are worried about young people coming, gaining experience and then leaving… your fears may be justified, especially if you are a smaller congregation. However, if you see your role as a mentoring church in the BIG PICTURE of fulfilling the Great Commission, then it is a privilege to do so. Give them a shot. Help them grow. Learn and grow from them and then launch them into new realms of influence for Jesus! Who knows, maybe one will stick around and serve long-term? You won’t know until you try. Either way, it’s about what’s best for Christ and expanding His kingdom in your community..

NickMaryNellThe rewards far outweigh the risks when it comes to partnering with young leaders. They are not the church’s future… they are the kingdom now. And, they are waiting. INVEST!

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