31 Tips for 2016 – #14

Unknown-1Here is Tip #14 for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

Work off-site. 

Whether we have a spacious office or a hole-in-the-wall, working in the same environment day after day can get monotonous and stale. Plan to work at least one morning/afternoon or entire day off-site. Let your lead team know that this is going to be a “new normal” and encourage other staff to do the same. Be it a local coffee shop or restaurant, find a space that feels good away from your main office. This will help accomplish several things…

Spark creativity. I’v gotten away to work at a favorite hiking trail and found the views (and the solitude) renewed and inspired me. Just being in a different environment breaks up the stagnate routines I have created for myself and can lend fresh perspective on my role. It has also done wonders for my mood, which, if I’m not careful, can get a little lousy when I’m feeling confined.

Encourage initiative. When we are always “present and accounted for” we can unwittingly create an enabled environment where we are always there to do what needs done or make decisions that need to be made. We can begin to think we are irreplaceable and indispensable. Push back on these unhealthy attitudes by simply not being there every minute of every working day. Let others step up and take the wheel for the day.

Invite community. This one is, by far, the most important. After more than 25 years I have come to the conclusion that there just isn’t anyone, saint nor sinner, within the four walls of my church office. Brilliant observation, right? The only way to engage in community is to get out there in it. Who knows who you might meet, learn from, encourage or lead to Christ!

“If you are always working in it, you can’t work on it.” (Andy Stanley) 

There’s a great big world outside the confines of our consecrated church spaces. Jesus set the example for us during his 3 year leadership tenure. While getting away and getting alone with the Father often, the majority of His time was spent out and about and among the people. Follow His lead and get out there!  

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