31 Tips for 2016 – #10

Unknown-1Here is Tip #10 for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

Own the moment. 

This one comes from an organization who has arguably valued people, or at least their magical moments with them, more than any other on earth. They drive this value home with a phrase that pays… “No one owns the guest, but someone always owns the moment.” (Disney Leadership Institute)

This begins when people pull into the parking lot… the faces they see, the words that are said (or unsaid), the signage they see (or don’t see). It ends with the closing moments of that message, that guest reception or that leadership training. Leaders, we need to understand, if it happens in our organization, on our watch… its our responsibility.

When it comes to people’s experience with us (and WHO we represent), what do we want them to feel, think, do and become as a result of their moments with us? In short, what is the take-away? Is there one moment that we believe can really be a game-changer, an eternal life-changer? Maybe this is going overboard, too controlling of the experience or even manipulative of people? Is this too much to ask of leaders? Only for those who don’t believe the moment matters, nor mind if people miss it even if it does.

The moment matters. Plan for it. Practice it. Pray over it. Unpack it when it’s over. Whatever it takes. Own the moment. 

Here is a great synopsis of this value – Experience Matters

Check out the Disney Leadership Institute for more on guest experience.

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