31 Tips for 2016 – #9

Unknown-1Here is Tip #9 for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

Stop comparing yourself to others. 

Observe others. Listen to others. Learn from others and even admire other leaders. However, stop short of leader envy, leaving yourself depressed and depleted of a sense of gratitude and vision for what is right in front of you… the people around you.

“If comparison is the thief of joy, then our culture is being robbed blind.” (Jon Foreman – Founder and Lead Vocalist, Switchfoot)

How can we keep from the trap of comparison? Here are 2 suggestions…

  1. Spend less time on social media. For the most part, social media is everyone’s “highlight real.” It’s a constant stream of everyone’s best moments and one-liners. We know this deep down. Yet, no matter our level of influence, we are prone to want to see what others are up to, comparing their level of “success” to our own. Stop it… or at least cut way down on it.
  2. Spend more time investing in real people in real time. Invest in the people around you, your spouse, kids, and lead team. In our globally connected world we can unwittingly spend too much time connecting on-line, tweeting, facebooking, periscoping, instagramming, you tubing, snap chatting, even that archaic medium of emailing.

You are more than your number of followers on any given platform. You are who God has said you are, where He has placed you, to make an investment in His kingdom through people here and now. Embrace this thought… You are an original and there is no comparison to others in God’s eyes.

PS – Don’t compare yourself to you (especially that “younger” you). We all go through seasons of more or less influence. However, we can’t live in a perpetual state of harvest. Embrace the weeding, watering and waiting seasons along the way. Besides, someone has rightly said, “The older we get, the better we were.”


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