31 Tips for 2016 – #5

Unknown-1Here is your #5 Tip for 2016

Tip #5 – Have a monthly “delete day.”

Too much clutter kills creativity and crowds out clarity. While this applies to your workspace (and some of you out there who still use paper filing), I’m talking about your online footprint and that of others. It’s all those e-newsletters you receive, those daily tweets popping up on your phone, the ads, the inspirational devotional that once fueled your passion, that scholarly group you belong to but never contribute to, those reminders you set last month (or last year!) you thought you couldn’t do without.

Schedule a monthly time where you un-follow, unsubscribe and generally reduce the amount of information you don’t regularly use. Notice I said to “schedule” it? Like all healthy habits, we’ve got to be intentional.

How do you know what to trash and what to keep? Ask yourself, “Have I accessed and applied this information to my life in any substantive way?” “Have I passed this on to a team member or friend?” “Do I regularly contribute to this group?” If not, it’s got to go. Sure, we like to say we “follow” a lot of high profile leaders, and maybe keeping a few of them around is a good thing. However, less really can be more as you live and lead more lean than ever in 2016, uncluttered and unencumbered by the constant barrage of the latest and greatest.

Like a seasoned marathon runner, it’s time to live and lead leaner so you can go the distance in 2016. Let me be the first to wish you a “Happy Delete Day!”

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