31 Tips for 2016 – #4

Unknown-1Tip #4 for Ministry Leaders in 2016:

Practice what I call “3-2-1” conversation.

Whether it’s a planned meeting or chance greeting, be more intentional about not making it about you. Here’s how it works…

  • Determine to ask 3 questions that focus on who they are and what they are doing. Keep these questions open-ended (not “Yes” and “No” questions).
  • Follow-up on 2 things that seem important to them. Again, questions work well, here. “How does that work?” “What will that look like?” Or simply, “Tell me more about…”
  • Then, feel free to make 1 statement that makes sense given the subject at hand. It might even be about you. After all, they may not want it to be all about them, either.

Leaders almost always have an agenda, something to get done, a direction to steer things… and people. Avoid being too focused on your vision and more focussed on truly seeing the people right in front of you. Jesus was the master at this, answering questions with questions and making time by the roadside, at the well, and in the busy marketplace. People don’t get in the way of our vision… they are the vision as we reach the world for Jesus Christ!

Take the time to make it more about others in 2016 than ever. It’s as easy as “3-2-1.”  



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