31 Tips for 2016

Unknown-1Here is Tip #2 for ministry leaders in 2016…

Tip #2 – Don’t do it out of trend and don’t keep it out of tradition.

A few of you out there are part of teams that have visioned and planned for 2016 many months ago. Many may not be as forward thinking. Regardless, you would do well to put your best-laid plans to this simple test. Ask yourselves these two questions concerning events and any major initiatives you plan on leading people through…

Are we doing this because it’s the latest trend? This may look like the ongoing tendency to do whatever the nearest “mega-church” is doing. Or worse, the one we saw online with no regard to things like relevance to our unique culture and setting, stewardship, or biblical integrity, etc.

Are we doing this because “We’ve always done it… and always done it this way!?” This is code for pure tradition. Never mind that it has done little to nothing to reach the lost or grow disciples by any measurable metric in memory. It keeps the “saints” satisfied and the consecrated comfortable.

Of course, if it helps connect you to people in your culture, leads them to Jesus and grows them as disciples, whether trendy or traditional… then go for and/or keep it up! Otherwise, apply Tip #1 and just say “NO.”


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