31 Tips for 2016

Unknown-1.jpeg2016 is fast approaching and with it the promise and potential of a new year! Truth be told, it’s just another day on the calendar. Still, that day, January 1st represents another chance to be better and do things better as leaders. Of course, days have a funny way of adding up to a lifetime of life and leadership. Some of the following tips are targeted towards leaders in my field (pastoring), but can be applied to any and all who partner with people trying to realize a vision. And, no one can or will do any of these for you. It’s up to you to you to be different in 2016!

So, in no real order after No1 on the list, here is Tip #1 of 31 Tips for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

Tip #1 – NO! (Repeat after me, “NO!”) 

Why is this Tip#1? Because saying “No” to lesser things allows you to say a  great big “YES!” to greater things. 

While you may find yourself doing less, you will eventually become more effective for the kingdom of Christ and influential in the ways that matter most to those you lead and do life with. You will also be sharing the burden and blessing of leadership with someone who may just be better at being and doing that thing (or number of things) you need to let go of. Saying “NO!” can be a win-win.

Start by making an UN-Do List for 2016. Then, prioritize it, communicate it clearly to those it will impact. Then, walk with them through the transition of you no longer saying “Yes” to things that you probably shouldn’t have been doing to begin with.

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