Ministry Values

images-11How do your values guide and guard your ministry vision? Don’t have a set of ministry values? Every leader and ministry organization does whether they are written down or not.

Here is a sample set of Ministry Values that can help you get started in developing your own set… (free pdf here – MinistryValues)

Ministry Values

A set of values guide and guard a ministry vision to reach the lost and grow them into healthy, devoted followers of Jesus.

Consider the following example of values vital to healthy and effective ministry…

Christ-centered: Jesus Christ is exalted through Bible-based preaching, teaching, worship arts and ministry experiences. His example of both “grace and truth” is the model to strive for.

Excellence: Think “Guest Ready” and “Opening Day” when it comes to ministry teams, environments and experiences. Everyone is a VIP in God’s eyes, so only our very best will do.

Grace-filled: People are messy. This makes the family of God the perfect place for imperfect people. Accepting people as they are and helping them to know Jesus and grow in Him through accountable relationships (small groups, counseling and/or recovery ministry) is essential.

Leadership Development: Investing in staff and lay-leadership training & resourcing at the highest levels possible is essential to the health and growth of a congregation or organization. “As go the leaders, so goes the church.” – John Maxwell

Leader-led: The pastoral staff is empowered to acquire and equip gifted leaders (paid & volunteer) in key areas of ministry vital to health and growth. These leaders then gather, train and deploy great teams for ministry. (Staff-led/Governance Model)

Others-focussed: From local to global connections, a healthy ministry is passionately focussed on serving others by reaching out through targeted and strategic partnerships and initiatives.

Relevant Environments: People thrive in environments intentionally designed to connect with them and maximize their experience. Purposed emphasis is placed on creating environments that reach the lost, especially young people and families (“Target Group”). This includes the purposed design of facilities, the worship experience and outreach efforts.

Step-oriented: “Go make disciples…” is the commission Jesus has given us. A simple process for welcoming, informing, equipping and plugging in people to vital small groups and experiences is how we grow in the Word and share life as Christ-followers.

Unity: Our witness for Jesus is tied to our unity in Him (See John 17). This means a willingness to unite behind the ministry vision and move forward regardless of personal preference. Not everyone will agree nor choose to go forward, regardless of the pace of change. The ministry must, and the sooner the better. The church’s unity in this understanding and direction is fundamental to effectiveness in reaching people not yet part of the family of God, especially a generation more removed from the Gospel of Jesus Christ than our nation has ever known.   

*Used by permission. Covenant Church Coaching & PEAK Pastors


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