5 Lessons from Jesus’ Mom

images-3What can we learn from the life of Jesus’ Mother? Mary was truly one of the most extraordinary women of all time. Adapted from my sermon notes for this Mother’s Day weekend, here are 5 Lessons from Jesus’ Mom, the Blessed Virgin Mary…

Motherhood is a high calling. It began with the call to Motherhood. The call to Motherhood includes an uncertainty of the future that we all share. It also includes the certainty that only the One who called her can give her what she needs to fulfill His will for her life. See Luke 1:26-38.

Still, Mary chose joy in her calling. See Luke 1:46-56. To choose Motherhood is to choose joy through a lot of heartache as only a mother can feel. She knew the prophecies such as those found in Isaiah 53… and pondered all of the possibilities.

Lesson 1: A good Mom’s joy is found (but not bound) in the success of her children. Everyone must make their own decisions and choose who and what they will follow. In other words, we are all followers! Mary’s joy was found in the life of her Son, Jesus. Of course, she had a slight advantage in that her son happened to be God the Son.

“Your greatest legacy may not be something you do, but rather, someone you raise.” (Andy Stanley)

Lesson 2: Mary chose to follow Jesus (discipleship). Maybe she was just being a “helicopter Mom?” Can you blame her? We would, too, if we were tasked with raising God, the Savior of the world. However, when it comes down to it, the joy of a Disciple is found in pointing others to Jesus and compelling them to follow (obey) Him! See John 2:1-5, 11. This is just what Mary did. 

Lesson 3: Mary gave Jesus the spotlight! Matthew 12:46-50. This is not only the task of a good Mother, but of the disciple of Jesus Christ. John summarized it this way in John 3:30, “He must become greater, I must become less.”

Lesson 4: Mary endured her cross. For her, it was THE cross, upon which her son and our Savior was crucified. See Matthew 19:25-27. Jesus had already challenged His followers concerning the cost of being one of His disciples. See Matthew 16: 24-25. For Mary, this meant giving her Son over to the will of God, the Cross of Calvary for you and for me. It also meant giving over her own will to try and somehow selfishly change the plan for the sake of her Son. 

But it didn’t end there. Scholars debate if Mary, the mother of Jesus, was present at the resurrection. She may have been “the other Mary” or among the “other women” recorded in the Gospels. But these women were likely one of the other followers as she was almost always identified distinctly as “Mary, the mother of Jesus.”

Nevertheless, here’s what we do know… 

Lesson 5: Mary’s life was a launching pad. See Acts 1:14. Like a good Mom, Mary was there, from start to finish. Now, she was helping to launch the ministry of her Son through the first century apostles. She was there, paving the way through prayer and was present at Pentecost!

Great moms do this and great followers of Jesus do this… they help launch the lives of others as they find their place in Him!

Here is the applicable question from the life of Mary, “Is my joy found in following Jesus?”

Share your own take-a-ways from the amazing life of Jesus’ Mom, the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Reply section below…

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