What Makes a Pastor Great

images-2No multi-site network, live streaming services, large staff, graphic design team, book deals, speaking tour, or even a pair of cool jeans? While all the above can be good things, you don’t have to have any of them to be a great pastor.

Here are 5 Things that Make a Pastor Great!

1) Love for family. Great pastors date their spouses, play with their kids and make the health of their family a priority. They don’t sacrifice their families on the altar of the church or any other earthly pursuit.

2) Passion for the lost. Great pastors are soul-winners. They share their journey in Jesus with others and don’t necessarily have to let them know they are “the pastor.”

3) Hunger for the Word. From their personal devotional lives to their preparation for preaching and teaching, great pastors go deep in Truth and long in grace. They pride themselves in being prepared while at the same time staying vigilant against any amount or form of pride that can and will lead to ruin.

4) Compassion for the broken. Great pastors know that the church is the perfect place for imperfect people. They create safe environments and experiences for messy people and aren’t afraid to show their own struggles and scars.

5) Creators of community. From the macro-culture of their neighborhood or city, to the micro-culture of their own flock, great pastors focus their teams on gathering groups that share the real stuff of life as Christ-followers.

The overwhelming majority of pastors out there won’t lead congregations of much more than 100. While there is no inherent virtue in being small, and discipling more and more and more people in the ways of Jesus is always the goal, you don’t have to be “mega” anything to matter to Christ and for His kingdom.

No weekly podcast and few “followers,” “shares” or “retweets” to your credit? No problem. Keep being you in Christ and lead great in the ways that truly matter.

What other traits make a pastor great? Share your thoughts in the Reply section…

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