7 Traits of Awesome Administrative Professionals!


I’ve been blessed to learn from and work with some amazing Administrative Professionals! Let’s face it, they really run the place and everyone knows it. I hope you will take the time to celebrate those who serve your ministry or business so faithfully.

Here are 7 Traits of Awesome Administrative Professionals. 

1) Encouraging Attitudes! They aren’t perfect. They are real people with real struggles. Yet, they daily show most of us how to keep our sunny side up and check our attitudes at the door.

2) Excellent Proofer! They don’t merely correct poor spelling and grammar, but insist on a high level of excellence in everything that goes out of the office. “The genius is in the details,” and that they are.

3) Master Planner! They are the keepers of the calendar. They keep everyone aware of what’s coming up and prepared in advance for that meeting or event. They also guard the time of and time off of staff, often running “interference” when people try to monopolize or introduce “busy work.”

4) In the know! They are the “eyes and ears” of the office. They set a great example of what it means to be good listeners, paying attention to the little details in the lives of people in and around a ministry or business.

5) Like Fort Knox! In other words, they know how to keep a secret when sensitive information is being shared or overheard (which is almost daily).

6) Loves my family! They have a real understanding of the pressures, not only the leader, but on their spouse and kids. They make it a point to celebrate the wins and mourn the losses of the whole family.

7) Patient Teachers! They have a way of putting up with with leaders when, the truth is, they are more than a little in the way. They not only show them the ropes around an office, but so often set amazing examples in the patient and caring way they interact with people. They often possess that rare combination of authenticity, grace and professionalism.

Bonus Trait… They know how to pray! I couldn’t be more grateful that the Administrative Professionals I have worked with have also had strong prayer lives. They intercede for staff and others with sincere faith in God. I love the way one such professional prays each and every day… “Lord, I thank you that you are God, and that you are God all by yourself!” (Thanks, “Miss Mary!”) 

What traits would you add? Share your thoughts below in the Reply section…

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