4 Ways Leaders Say It

images-14How do you say what needs to be said as a leader? Communicating well is always a priority, especially when what needs to be said is less than the best news. Here are 4 Ways Leaders Say It….

1) Courageously – Courageous people aren’t usually fearless. They are scared but say and do the hard stuff anyway. Pray for the grace you need to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said and to whom it needs saying. Being the bearer of bad news or playing the “bad guy” is never fun. Find a faithful few who will be praying for you as you say what needs said.

2) Clearly – Just say it. Don’t qualify or dance around it. Lead with it. People will respect and receive it and you more if you get to the point first. Then, if all hearts are right, there will be time to put things in context and discuss the details. Remember the old adage, “Less is more.”

3) Correctly – How does what you are about to say line up with the Truth of God’s Word? How accurate is your statement or presentation when it comes to the simple facts, the numbers, the details? Do your homework. We all have to reframe and even retract some statements from time to time. Gather some fact-checkers to help you and you will do so less often.

4) Compassionately – You can say it courageously, clearly and correctly, but if it lacks the love of God, it isn’t right and won’t be received well. Whatever it is, remember, you are saying it to people. These are people loved by God. You are called to love as a leader… more like a gentle shepherd and less a task-master foreman.

The Apostle Paul gives some advice in his letter to Christ followers in Ephesus, “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:15, NIV) 

We all have to say some hard things as leaders. However, we can do so in a way that, in the end, heals and helps instead of hurts.

How do say what needs said as a leader? Add your advice below in the Reply section…


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