9 Words for Every Leader

images-5Words are power. We underestimate the impact of our words as people and doubly-so as leaders of people. Here are 9 Words that all leaders must speak (and know when to speak them)…

1) A Word of Fact. Leaders aren’t blind to the realities of life, the health of their family or team, or the state of their organizations.

2) A Word of Faith. You’ve gotta believe. And, you’ve got to help others believe as you see and say what others can’t or simply won’t.

3) A Word of Encouragement. Encouragement fuels momentum and serves as a magnet to your organization. More importantly, it builds people up in a world that tears them down.

4) A Word of Silence. Great leaders know when not to speak and let the moment speak for itself.

5) A Word of Correction. This one can be tough. However, not as tough as dealing with the fallout from not calling out lacks of character, lapses in judgment, or bad attitudes.

6) A Word of Hope. “Hope is a powerful thing. Maybe the best of things.” (Shawshank Redemption) Move people beyond their despair by speaking words that say, “This isn’t over. You aren’t alone. Better days are coming. You can do this. I believe in you!”

7) A Word of Warning. Like any good parent we must be willing to lead others away from danger… dangerous thinking, attitudes, distractions, directions, relationships or habits.

8) A Word of Confession. Leaders aren’t perfect. When we have fallen short it is vital that we don’t use our position to give ourselves a pass. We should admit it, process it with those involved, and learn from it together going forward.

9) A Word of Love. Leaders are lovers… lovers of God and of people. They love these more than any other measures of success.

What word would you add? Leave your word in the Reply section below…

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