“10 Commandments” of Healthy Leaders


Healthy leaders don’t just happen. When it comes to health, here are “10 Commandments” that shalt not be broken except at great peril…

1 – Listen to your spouse. Do I really have to explain this one?

2 – Ask great questions. Stay humble and ask until you know some of what you don’t know. And then…

3 – Ask great follow-up questions. Don’t settle for the surface answers. Dig deeper with open-ended questions.

4 – Don’t compare yourself to him, her or them. God made you to be you. Only then can you do what only you can do for His glory and the greater good.

5 – Sleep more. Play hard. Work harder. Okay, that’s three. Bottom line? Take care of yourself. Stay light and do stuff that fuels you (often).

6 – Celebrate life! Make time to make memories, especially with your spouse and kids. “Thou shalt not” sacrifice your family on the altar of your church or organization.

7 – Be honest. Be honest about you and your circumstance. I’ll be honest… I can be “Mr. Positive” and a stubborn “spin doctor” in most situations. However, sometimes you just need to admit there is a problem so you can deal with it or, better yet, yourself.

8 – “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23, NIV) Keep your relationship with Jesus Christ priority through the Word, prayer and purity. Bravely submit to the accountability of others. What are you seeing, hearing, sensing and otherwise experiencing? It all matters. Character counts.

9 – Think first.  Before you enter the fray or “lower the boom!” remember the old adage, “A dog can whoop a skunk, but is it worth it?”

10 – See Commandment #1. God put you together for a reason. They love you enough to see right through you and keep you grounded.

Bonus Commandment – Surround yourself with a team and circle of friends who are smarter than you. For most of us, this isn’t that hard. #noyesmen

There must be at least 101 Commandments… what would you add? Leave a reply below!



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