Why Excellence Matters

images-2Why isn’t “good enough” good enough? What is it about excellent organizations (churches, businesses, non-profits, etc) that sets them apart?

My family eats at Chipotle… a lot. The reasons are simple: the food, the environment, the service are all purposed, planned, prepared, promoted and presented with excellence. The price is even right, only slightly more than the average “value meal” at fast-food burger chains, and less than some. The same can be said for Chik-fil-a. We go back time and again because the standard of excellence is a cut above the norm, way above. I’ve even blogged about these organizations before for the same reasons I keep eating at them. So, what can you take away from organizations like Chipotle and Chik-fil-a? It’s simple. Insist on excellence. Why? One word… value.

Everything you and your organization do is ultimately a statement of value about the people you serve. With this in mind, here are 3 reasons why excellence matters…

1 – Your guests/customers are worth it. Never forget that people matter. I use a slogan to remind my teams from time to time… “Everyone’s a VIP!” When people are treated with purposed excellence, they tend to show up again and again. Why? Because they feel a sense of worth has been placed on their presence. They feel valued as a person or group and this will keep them coming back. Besides, they are each created in the image of God and their value to Him is beyond measure.

2 – Your team/employees are worth it.

These are the people you do life with, a lot of life. They deserve an investment of excellence because they share in the successes, failures, and all the mundane in between as you strive to fulfill your mission and realize a shared vision. Besides, morale, momentum and creativity thrive in an environment of excellence. Don’t lose sight of this. People are drawn to excellence and repelled by mediocrity. Don’t doubt it. You are presently enjoying the fruits of your labor (or lack thereof) on this front. When it comes to your team, provide environments, resources, technology, training, wages, benefits, and the essential intangibles of listening and encouragement and over time you will discover the returns are worth the investment.

3 – God has blessed you and is infinitely worthy.

Insisting on excellence is a way of living and leading with gratitude. Because I have been so blessed, the best way to say “Thank you” to God and others is to pass that blessing along by doing everything with excellence. Besides, God is the ultimate value and His worth is beyond compare. For those who claim to represent Him in churches, schools and para-church ministries, this is a nonnegotiable. At least, it should be.

Regardless of what you offer people, do it with a sense of well-thought out purpose. Then, plan, prepare, promote and present what you offer with a sense of passion. This standard transcends culture and translates into any language.

Don’t think you can afford excellence? Understand, this simply means the best you have to offer. You may not be able to afford THE best, but you can and should offer YOUR best.

Insist on excellence.

– Tom


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