Sighting In

IMG_5563Not long ago I was helping my son, Andrew, sight in his compound bow. To “sight in” a bow means to align the site on the bow with the eye of the bowman and the arrow on the rest at the desired yardage (10, 20, 30 etc). Simple enough… right? When these are aligned, you can more consistently hit what you are aiming at. I couldn’t help but draw some parallels to keeping key relationships healthy as a leader.

First, you have to align the vertical pin. How’s your relationship with God? This isn’t a given. Are you studying His Word, listening to His voice in prayer? This is the most basic and important element to Christ-centered life and leadership. Without this staying in alignment everything else can be sighted in and  you will still watch your arrow dig up dirt… or fly way over-the-top of your target, lost deep in the woods.

Second, you must dial in the horizontal. How healthy are the relationships that matter? Do you remember what those are? (Hint: Spouse, kids, the lost, lead team…) This means adjusting your schedule to spend not merely quality time, but quantity time listening, laughing, loving and, did I mention listening? This one can get out of alignment fast for the servant leader. It is too easy to neglect these essential relationships because we are focused on leading others in their vertical alignment with the Lord or otherwise driving the vision of our organizations. Don’t. Keep your horizontal relationships aligned and aim for Jesus with those that matter.

So, where are you aiming?  We may blame it on the wind but, more times than not, we end up hitting what we are aiming at. Remember, it’s never too late to adjust your aim!

Finally, do the above keeping in mind the distance you are traveling together. Where are these relationships at today? Where are they going in the weeks and months to come? How will you stay intentional about growing in these in the long run? Keep aiming and keep letting those arrows fly because the only thing to fly faster will be time itself.

For you archers out there… yes, there is more to sighting in than meets the eye. The most important may be what is called your “anchor point.” This is the place where you draw the string to each and every time. Some draw back to the corner of their mouths, or tip of their nose or back to their ear. What matters is having an anchor point that is the constant in the equation. What is your anchor point? You already know this one…

“We have this hope as an anchor to the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf.He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.” Hebrews 6:19-20, NIV
Sighting in with you,
PS – “Aim small, miss small.” What does this mean to you?

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