imagesWe serve an eternally innovative God. His creativity knows no bounds and we are (by grace!) his highest form of creation. How is it that for far too many leaders and their organizations/ministries, innovation isn’t exactly a “household word?”

While there is certainly something to be said for having strong foundations and simple processes in key areas of leadership or ministry, how we go about them and the environments in which they are practiced could likely use some inspired change. Besides, young, old or somewhere in between… most people don’t want to live life bored and innately gravitate towards passionate creative people and experiences.

Check out the following organizations and ministries. While you may/may not agree with them in all ways, that misses the point. These ministries aren’t afraid to put the “new wine” into “new wineskins” when it comes to methodology and, whether they know it or not, are reflecting the infinite innovation of our great God…

Disney Institute Blog

Elevation Church


NewSpring Church

Life Church

Do you know of some innovative organizations and ministries? Let us know in a reply and share the wealth of creativity!

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