Leading On the Edge

imgres-4Servant Leaders,

There are few of us who haven’t peered over the edge of insanity in pursuit of this thing called “church.” And, a few too many of us have gone right over the ledge. Who’s fault is it? Is it the pastor, the lay-leadership, the congregation or the culture? Maybe a combination? Leader… it’s time to step back from the edge. Check out How Christian Consumers Ruin Pastors and Cheat the Mission of God by Ed Stetzer (from http://www.qideas.org).

What next? Begin the discussion by being honest with yourself, your family, your leadership and then your people. Determine to take tangible steps to create a healthy personal/family life and leadership culture knowing that, as John Maxwell said so well, “As go the leaders, so goes the church.”  It isn’t easy to make sustained change. Still, it also isn’t rocket science. Get an accountability team of trusted, honest supporters, slow down, work on your own relationship with Christ, date your spouse again, make some family memories, give up some control, put the right people in the right roles, get a hobby, get some rest, stop enabling, set clear boundaries, laugh more… you know in your heart what has needed done for far too long.

Ultimately, as much as we may deny or protest, we are each responsible to God and one other for the lives we choose to lead. Set a healthy example for others to follow. Live and lead well, healthy, and happy!

Learning to lead with you – Tom

NOTE: If you need some help getting there… email me at tompelt1@gmail.com. I would love to come alongside you, your family and lead team!

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