Decisions, decisions…

I love those moments when God’s will and way is clear and concise. There is no doubt about it. All other doors have closed and there might as well be a neon sign flashing, “This is it!” Those moments are awesome… and rare.

Beth Moore has been quoted as saying, “Evidence of faith always indicates existence of viable alternative. That which is completely obvious & explainable is not faith.”

As a leader, what viable alternatives are presenting themselves today? What voices are calling you to move in their direction with all the resources that come with you and your team? How do you know which way to go?

Consider a few suggestions…

1 – Pray for clarity and discernment. Who knows… maybe this will be one of those neon sign moments?

2 – “None of the above.” Just because opportunities present themselves doesn’t mean you have to choose one. Should you simply stay focused and follow-through on what you are already investing in?

3 – Seek wise counsel. “Plans fail for lack of counsel. But with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22

4 – Move forward by faith. The Lord is on your side! He isn’t trying to confuse you. If the door remains open and advisers approve, don’t be afraid to make a choice, be all in and go for it! A God-thing may be waiting.

On a final note. Be thankful you have alternatives to begin with. There will be seasons where opportunity and options are few or even… none. Stay grounded in prayer and God’s Word, trust your decision to the Lord and move forward by faith.

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