FOCUS 40 Devotional 35

A Voice in the Storm Day 35

The voice of the LORD strikes with flashes of lightning. —Psalm 29:7

The Churches of God in Southern Idaho had junior high camp in June at a United Methodist camp in the Sawtooth Mountains. We always recruit a nurse to go with us since the Idaho wilderness plus junior-high energy and decision-making ability often lead to “medical opportunities”. This year we found ourselves without a nurse close to camp time. A mother (an ER nurse) of one of our preschoolers, even though not a church-goer, saw a camp registration form we had posted, remembered she had attended this same camp in her youth, and contacted our youth pastor, Brian Seidel, about the opportunity.

After Brian interviewed her and prayed about the situation, he felt God was telling him that Jenna was the person he wanted for the position. Brian contacted the other camp director, Drew Stenson, about the situation only to be told that Drew had already engaged someone for the assignment. However, after they talked Drew also felt impressed that God wanted Jenna and so he disengaged the other person. As Brian was making the final arrangements with Jenna, she asked if her seventh-grade son, Tucker, could attend the camp. Brian quickly assented.

To say this was a camp unlike any other and that God moved in mighty and miraculous ways would be a classic understatement. Major miracles began on a stormy Wednesday night. In Jenna’s own words, “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome week. How do I thank you for helping me find God again? How do I thank you for being with me and guiding me as I opened my heart and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior? Thank you for making me feel safe when I was scared and uncertain. Thank you for helping me find the words I needed to begin my journey again …thank you for not judging…Thank you for offering me every opportunity to find my faith again…I have been ready for years, but found too many excuses. I was too scared, too doubtful, and too weak. But you helped me find my strength again so I would be ready to witness the miraculous events I did…I have a long road ahead of me as I continue my journey. I know I have much to learn. But I also know he waited for me for so long and he will lead me if I just keep working and keep my heart open.”

Jenna’s son Tucker also committed his life to the Lord on that eventful Wednesday evening. Again in Jenna’s own words, “I love seeing the change in him. He prays every night. He sends me scriptures that relate to events going on in his life. He has much to learn as well, but his heart is open. He speaks openly of his relationship with God and seeks his guidance. Thank you.”

Lord, may we always listen for your voice, whether in the flash of lightning or in solitude. And in hearing, may we obey. Amen.

 Rev. Gary Moore, Transformation Team / Cultivate Member; Associate Pastor, Cloverdale Church of God, Boise

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