Every Day Opening Day

Servant Leaders,

When it comes to Guest Services, what does our level of preparedness say to our guests? Especially for first time attenders, what value have we assigned to them by the way they are welcomed, informed, preferred, and otherwise accommodated… or perhaps the way they aren’t?

One of the earliest guiding principles of arguably the most successful Guest Services oriented companies is this… “Every day is opening day!” Just one visit to any Walt Disney location and you discover this right down to the genius of every little detail. The founder, Walt Disney himself was the driving force behind this and a host of other people-focused principles that have made the Disney name synonymous with valuing people at a level few match.

With this in mind, is “Every day opening day!” an accurate picture of your guests experience throughout your ministry? Does each event possess a purposed sense of prepared excellence? What link is there between our level of Guest Services and the statement we are making on behalf of our founder, Jesus Christ? No one has ever valued people more and no one’s reputation is more valuable.

Servant leader, recommit to seeing things from your guest’s perspective. Make every ministry experience an “Opening Day” kind of event as part of a greater culture of guest value and prepared excellence. For some practical resources to take your Guest Services to the next level, see http://insidenorthpoint.org/guestservices/

Be Our Guest,


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