Balancing Act 3 – Good Question!

Servant Leader,

It’s been said that,  “The only stupid question is the one never asked.” I have found this to be true more times than not, especially when I have been hesitant to confess my ignorance and ask the kind of question that will help me gather the information I (and probably others around me) really need. When it comes to holistic personal growth, we have to apply this principle if we are to continue to grow.

Dr. Lori Salierno shares concerning having a Spiritual Director speak into your life in her book, “Balance At Its Best.”  Again, I would recommend you read this work and even walk through it as a lead team. Dr. Salierno recommends you find someone who knows you well, is spiritually discerned, and can ask three strategic questions to you on a consistent basis…

1 – What are you encouraged by when you see my life?

2 – What would you caution me about?

3 – What else would you like to say to me?

Like the kid in the classroom afraid to raise his hand and risk the ridicule of others, don’t miss out on vital information. Much can be gleaned if you are humble and brave enough to ask the good questions the Holy Spirit can use to mold and shaper your character and make you a more effective servant leader.

Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7.

Am I willing and ready to ask some good questions and grow deeper?

Just asking,


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