Servant Leader,

Today’s Lesson: Grateful Grace Part 1

Opportunities to show gratitude for the eternal grace we have been given in Christ are everywhere! Consider these thoughts from Wayne Cordeiro concerning the connection between gratitude and grace from his work, The Seven Rules of Success…

“Showing appreciation is nice, even expected. But true gratefulness is more than token appreciation after receiving a gift. Another indispensable Rule of Success is developing a character of gratefulness. Gratefulness is a spirit. It’s different than acquiescing  to a corrective parent and showing appreciation. Appreciation is a response after you receive something. Gratefulness, on the other hand, is the state of your heart before anybody does anything for you. It includes thankfulness, but it’s much more. It is developed through finding your security and satisfaction in Christ alone. In fact, the spirit of gratefulness is often developed in times of lack and poverty, where you find that God is enough.

Gratefulness is based on the root word “grace,” as in God’s amazing grace. This one word is so rich that the apostle Paul used it is every letter he wrote to open and close: ‘May God’s grace be with you all.'”

As you continue to fast and pray during this season, focus on gratitude and look for opportunities to pour out the grace on others that Christ has so lavishly poured out on you. Fill your life and that of those all around you with an attitude of gratitude and grace!



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