Servant Leader,

Lesson 24: The House of the Lord

“I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.'” Psalm 122

I remember growing up going to church on Sunday morning. We would head out in the old “blue bomb” and before we got to the end of Fudge Drive, Dad would be leading us in prayer. Sometimes I was excited as he prayed and anxious to get there and discover all the things another day with the family of God would bring, and sometimes not so much. Still, looking back, being with the family of God was and is a constant. Of course, buildings get remodeled, replaced and removed… but what makes it the House of the Lord isn’t the location, it’s the person and powerful presence of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It’s the people from the saints to the sinners, old-timers and first-time guests. It’s the life and love shared through every day that has and will always fill me with a sense of excitement and anticipation as I head to God’s House to be with God’s people.

What about you? As you fast and pray this 40 days, how can you draw closer to the family of God? Are you using your gifts and energies to see the influence of your church spread for Christ? Who can you invite to join you in attending a place that is… “The perfect place for imperfect people!”

Focus on the family of God today. Pray for your leadership and for your congregation. Encourage someone who looks down as you gather for worship! Determine to be part of the solutions, not part of the problems that all churches face. Get excited about what God is doing and get behind it with all you’ve got!



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