50 Year Lesson Part 4

Servant Leader,

Lesson 4: Daily Devotions. Dad and Mom have had a daily time in God’s Word and prayer as far back as I can remember. This is amazing to me because I know there are seasons when they have had to feel like, and sometimes still do, that there just wasn’t time to sit, read the Bible and pray. No doubt there have been times they have had to adjust their schedules to spend time with the Lord and maybe they have even skipped a day? I know I have. Still, they have purposed a consistent quiet time with the Lord and it encourages me to do the same daily.

I remember so well hearing Dad and mom get up before us kids, especially in those cold Ohio winters. Dad could be heard getting the fire going in the old wood burning stove in the family room and mom getting things cooking in the kitchen. Many is the time I peered around the corner of the hallway and saw Dad standing in the living room looking out the window, Bible in hand, sometimes breathing prayers, sometimes simply silent. This image stays with me and calls me to prayer and a season of stillness, especially when I really just want to skip this essential daily time and get busy… too busy.

How about you? Do you have time for the Lord, His Word and prayer? What about just being still before God’s throne? I have learned from Dad and Mom and discovered in my own life that in the long run, I just don’t have time not to.

Thanks Dad and Mom!


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