50 Year Lessons Part 3

Servant Leader,

Lesson 3: Missions. Someone has said that, “Missions begins at home.” Dad and Mom have always lived this. They have been at the center of seeing their own kids and extended family come to Christ, prayed with neighbors to receive Him, and witnessed in an expanding field of influence. I recall Dad and Mom taking struggling individuals and whole families into our home for a night and even months at a time. They have led work camps with youth and adults from Wamblee, SD, Panama Beach, FL to Washington, DC and Harlem, NY and countless places in between. The Lord has led them to partner with missionaries in Africa, Haiti, Peru, Guatemala, and has given them a special heart for His work in Ecuador. Along the way they have been careful to inspire and intentionally engage other leaders and ministries in this essential work, helping to light their fire for missions.

What about you? Starting with your family, your neighbors and perhaps landing you somewhere around the world, are you willing to step up and out in your witness for Christ? I am so grateful Dad and Mom continue to live the mandate to “Go, therefore, into all the world…” (Matthew 28:19) and look forward to following their example more and more!

Thanks Dad &  Mom!


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