50 Year Lessons Part 2

Servant Leader,

Lesson 2 – Family Matters. Family has always mattered to Dad and Mom. In spite of all the pressures of life, ministry and teaching, they have always made time for family and to experience the things with their kids and grandkids that have mattered to us. You name it, they have and continue to be there, making some incredible memories along the way. Ball games, music and drama performances, term papers, science projects, hobbies, family trips, youth choir and work camp trips, learning to ride a bike, drive a car (wreck cars!), college, marriage, having kids, and all the everyday things that go along with family life, they have been there. 

What has meant the most to our family is their perseverence through the trials of life… praying through with us and each other, speaking God’s Word with firm compassion, listening and just being a loving constant through seasons of challenge, failure, confusion, question, and need. I know it hasn’t been easy and I am certain it has been harder than I know. We haven’t been perfect kids or a perfect family. Still, through it all they have looked to the Lord, He has proven faithful and they have been there.

Regardless of what you do for a living, don’t forget to make a life, make some memories with your family. You may save for the trip of a lifetime or you may just go to the park and play. Work will always be there. What really matters is living, really living life in Christ as a family. And, don’t believe the lie of “quality time” when it comes to your family. No, QUANTITY TIME is quality time. As much as you can in these crazy times, make time to laugh, cry, learn, experience, fail, grow and just do life together because family matters.

Thanks Dad and Mom!



  1. Tom—how true your post is!!!! Your parents have certainlly been an example to Denny and I and how we have raised our family. We are very proud of our kids and the responsible self-supporting adults they have become. I pray that your church consulting will be a blessing in many lives and that the people who need a guiding hand and encouragment will open their hearts and minds to your words and be able to make changes in their own lives. Keep preachin’ it, brother!!!

    1. Thanks, Mary Jo. I don’t know where I would be without them and some faithful youth counselors who put up with a slightly overactive kid! God is good!

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