All-in Leadership

Servant Leaders,

“All the believers were together and had everything in common.” Acts 2:44

I love the Disney Institute and the regular tweets I receive. Recently they re-tweeted a challenging article that reminded me of the power of God through an all-in people. It had me going to the book of Acts to discover again and again how God blew away the exclusive model (Old Covenant) in favor of an inclusive model (New Covenant) in order to share an inclusive salvation to all people! Some forever game changing visions came to God’s servant leaders through a most unlikely cast of characters, most of whom were outside of the formerly exclusive Jewish club… people like an Ethiopian eunuch, Cornelius and a man from Macedonia.  

Click on the following icon to be directed to the article by the Harvard Business Review contributor, Suzanne Vickberg.

Here are some good questions for all servant leaders who are serious about partnering with God in some all-in leadership… Are we a “top-down” or “all-in” leader and team? Are we intentionally creating forums that gather ideas and promote creativity through a “lattice” approach (see article)? Are we both wise and humble enough to run with ideas that are not our own… that may not have come from our most recent prayer/vision retreat or staff leadership planning conference? Will God favor our leadership if we are exclusive vs. inclusive in our methodology?

While you are at it, click on the Disney Institute icon to be re-directed to their site and get in on some of the world’s best organizational leadership training and insights. And, do some of your own study throughout God’s Word. Discover anew how God’s preferred approach has always been inclusive vs. exclusive. Determine to go ALL-IN today!

All-in with you,


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