Lead Like Luis!

Dear Servant Leader,

“You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives right with God and enjoy its results only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honor.” James 3:18 (MSG)

Luis Urzua may be the one of the best, albeit mostly unheralded stories to come out of the Chilean mine rescue.  Luis was the shift leader at the time of the initial disaster and it is his leadership ability that has been credited with keeping the men calm, cool and collected, especially during the first 17 days when they did not know if they would live or die.  He took control, kept the peace, established  a sense of hope and followed up on it by creating order, purpose, assigning tasks and rationing resources. All of these things sent a message to the other 32 trapped miners… WE WILL LIVE! Check out the following link to read more about this humble yet powerful Chilean Shift Leader.

The question to us as leaders is this… what kind of presence do we bring each and every day, let alone in moments of crisis? We need to ask ourselves some tough questions like… do we quickly become part of the problem or do we bring with us a presence that flows from the Prince of Peace and our time spent with Him?

Allow me to suggest practicing the presence of God, just being still. Ponder His Word and resist complicating it with commentary, yours or anyone elses. Just be content to be in His presence and practice this often, if not daily… if not for a few moments. Be prepared by pausing in the presence of the Prince of Peace and allow His Spirit to get deep into your DNA.

Something tells me that Luis didn’t become exactly the kind of leader that group of miners needed at the moment disaster struck. No, that kind of leadership has been prepared, practiced and positioned in advance for moments like these and somewhere along the way a price has been paid for it. Am I willing to pay the price and practice this kind of  presence?

So, here’s to you, Luis, and the leadership lesson you have given to us all! And, to the 32 men you helped lead to live another day!

Practicing the Presence,


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