Seasons of Sending

Servant Leaders,

“Again Jesus said, ‘Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.'” John 20:21

I’m not sure who said it first, but it is a powerful truth and an even more powerful challenge to today’s servant leaders… “A church’s success is not measured by how many are coming, but by how many are going.”

Whether for just an evening of serving soup at a shelter or for partnering with those answering the call to full time missions, I believe we should always be in a season of sending. Consider a sample process for living the mandate to send…

1 – Season of Prayer… pray you will be drawn to people who are being drawn by God to step up and out into ministry. Engage your entire ministry in a prayer campaign for this vital endeavor!

2 – Season of Planning… do your homework as a lead team and develop a plan to send out still more servant leaders from the local to the global fields of mission. Study those who are already doing it well and adapt their model, or, better yet, partner with them (state or national ministries already doing so) and the work already advancing.

3 – Season of Preparation… don’t send people unprepared. Prepare a season of equipping and encouraging for those you will be sending.

4 – Season of Sending… celebrate those being sent. Gather God’s people around them, anoint and send them out with a sense of God’s powerful presence and the promise of your support.

5 – Season of Support… don’t just send them off and forget about them. Develop a system of support that will continue to come along-side those who have been sent, both tangible and intangible support on a consistent basis.

6 – Season of Celebration… celebrate those who are coming and going from your ministry. Don’t miss any opportunity to give God glory and thank those who are investing and partnering with you in the God-things that are happening as more and more people are going!

Sending doesn’t just happen. If you and your ministry are to become a true success, measured by how many are being sent, then you will have to get intentional about it. You will have to sacrifice.  Change your vision (from IN to OUT!) and then change your structure, your strategy, your budget and anything else that needs changed in order to partner with Jesus in sending out more and more prepared servants to reach the lost and minister His love and grace.

Start today. Begin by praying that God will turn you and your lead team into sender servant leaders and then get ready to see His Spirit move in and through you as never before!

Sending with you,


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