You Are Here

Servant Leader,

You gotta love technology. From the latest GPS apps on a smart phone to the retro signs in the mall that read, “You are here…”  you can usually find out right where you are at any given time. This is especially good for those who are directionally challenged yet smart enough (every once in a while) to admit when their lost and get direction. No matter who you are, knowing exactly where you are is vital to getting where you want to go. So, as a leader, let me ask you a few questions that will challenge you with the second step in a good Coaching relationship… Reflect.

What can you celebrate? What really matters right now? Where are you going? What stands in your way?  What are you willing to give up in order to get there? How are you measuring your progress? What excites you most about the next step?

Reflection has everything to do with the reality that you are partnering with God to create. If you are doing it right, it may seem a little more at times like an inquisition than a season of reflection. What you are really doing can be termed interrogating reality, and Jesus was a master at this… always probing, prompting and even pushing His disciples to dig deeper for direction and discernment. Is it painful? Does it prick your pride to pull off the road and ask for directions? Yeah, but not nearly as painful as arriving at the just the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. Trust me. Been there, done that, didn’t bother to buy a t-shirt.

So, what about you? Where are you right now? Like most leaders you are probably prone to getting ahead of things, of God and others in the passionate pursuit of your vision. Still, how will you get there if you aren’t quite sure where you are right here, right now? Where is your heart and that of those on your lead team? Where are you along the winding path of the relationships you should be going deeper and farther with? How can you tell if you’ve been camped out too long or are holding on too tight when you should be blazing new trails down unexplored paths of faith and forgiveness?

It’s time to reflect. Its time to take the time to be still, ask the tough questions, listen and then assess where you are at in your journey with Christ. And, not primarily as a leader, but as a follower first and foremost. Besides, if you aren’t sure where you and the Lord are at, how will you point anyone else in His direction?

Your Are Here,


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