Servant Leaders,

“Coaching is the process of coming alongside a person or team to help them discover God’s agenda for their life and ministry, and then coopoerating with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become a reality.”

Elisha had Elijah, David had Jonathan, Paul had Barnabas and Timothy had Paul. These are just a few examples of Bible-based coaching relationships. Throughout God’s Word and down through church history God’s best equipped servants were those who humbled themselves to the counsel of others; listening and learning as they went. This is growing as God intended. So, what about you? Who is your Barnabas?

I am blessed to be part of a Coaches Training Initiative through Church of God Ministries in partnership with CoachNet. Dr. John Boedeker is my Coach and even after just one session I have been both encouraged and challenged.  I look forward to passing along the vital insights gained throughout this process in my weekly blog and hope it serves to encourage you in some small way. My goal is to become a better husband, father, friend and servant leader in the way that I listen to and encourage/equip others via prayer, strategic questions and application of God’s Word. I have much to learn but am eager to engage!

Here’s a great thought concerning the power of coaching from Coaching 101 by Robert E. Logan and Sherilyn Carlton:

“Coaching can help people take steps that move them towards the completion of the work God has given them to do. That’s strategy – that’s coaching in action. Coaches are those who recognize that they have the opportunity to participate in God’s plans by coming alongside others as they seek to grow and reach their potential.”

Again, what about you? If you are not already involved in a coaching relationship, please contact me to see how to get started. I have a list of those who serve as life and ministry coaches that just might be able to come alongside you. For now, ask yourself a few simple questions, “Who am I becoming?” “Where am I going?” “How am I getting there?” What influence am I having on those I care about most?” And, “How could I grow in my most important relationships through coaching?”

Consider coaching as a lifestyle and grow as God intended!



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