Cow Tipping 101

Servant Leaders,

Jesus was the ultimate change agent. We might even call Him the ultimate Sacred Cow Tipper! No one held tighter to God’s Word or more loosely to the traditions of man, regardless of how sanctifiably religious they appeared to be. 

“And he said to them, ‘You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!” Mark 7:9

Making salvation available to all who believed was a non-negotiable for Jesus, far too important to let a little thing like centuries of tradition stand in the way of access to right relationship with God and each other. Of course, in doing so He was repaid with criticism, skepticism,  and cynicism on a good day… and ultimately betrayal and death. Was it worth it? It’s safe to say it was! Jesus didn’t deviate from His mission, a mission launched by redeeming love for a people lost and in need of a Savior and Shepherd, and we are the beneficiaries forever more.

What about you? Are you a Sacred Cow Tipper? Understand, I’m not advocating you start a fight with anyone or to “rock the boat” just so you can feel like some kind of righteous rebel. What I am suggesting is that you and those under your influence may be perpetuating the past while locking out God’s preferred future as you carry on traditions that only feed the faithful rather than reach the lost. Ask yourself a few fundamental questions… Are we seeing people commit their lives to Jesus on a regular basis? Are we seeing them baptized, discipled, discovering and growing in their spiritual gifts? Are we making a tangible difference in the community and culture that surrounds us? Are we still mostly the same people doing the same things the same ways we have done them since who knows when in Jesus’ Name? Has anything that could remotely be confused for a “God Thing” happened lately? If your answer is, “No,” then you need to find some ministry “Cows” and, yep… get to tippin’!

Don’t be afraid to introduce a little chaos through at least the suggestion of change. And, if you dare, suffer some loss that will prove eternal gain for others as you tip some Sacred Cows of your own. What will it take to do so? It will take patience, persistence, and even some pain. You will need to seek some wise council and develop a flexible, fluid plan. You will need to be as uncompromising as you are willing to partner with those who have perspectives and possess talents you simply don’t. And prayer, lots and lots of prayer as an individual, a family, a lead team and ministry wide.

Click on the picture above to access a great resource from Monday Morning Insights about change in ministry!

“MOOOOOO”ve Over Sacred Cows!


p.s. Okay, that was really, really bad!

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