Dear Servant Leaders,

I recently enjoyed an incredible day listening (and taking notes!) from some great guys who have one thing in common… they are all just crazy enough to be pastors. From church planters to bi-vocational leaders and those in established settings, these guys each have a unique story and a leadership style all their own. Do yourself a favor and check out my notes from this day. Just click on Download Notes.  From the resources they suggested to the thoughts they provoked, it was an incredible time of sharing.

Here’s the leader lesson, my “take-away” from this day – listen and learn. Don’t stay an isolated island, adrift in a sea of unmet life and ministry needs. Create a setting conducive to sharing your journey in Christ, invite other leaders to join, keep the coffee comin’ (or chai soy latte single shot of caramel for me, thanx)… and just download! Will you agree with everyone around the table on every issue? No. But, if you aren’t real careful, you will find yourself challenged on levels and in ways that you had not been previously… and will grow. At the very least you will walk away knowing that there are others who are just crazy enough to be servant-leading in this thing called church.

Uploading the Download,


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