Cyber Quest

Dear Servant Leaders,

“The Lord said to Moses, ‘Send some men to explore the land…” Numbers 13:1-2

How do you expand the vision of your lead team? How can you promote creativity & spark imagination, especially when stuck in a loooong rut? When funds are limited, how can you afford to get beyond your borders and expand your horizons? Try taking a Cyber Quest!

A Cyber Quest is an intentional gathering of your lead team for no other purpose than to blow minds with the stuff that God is doing out there in the world of ministry. Where is “out there?” It is anywhere but where you are and where you have been. Is this dangerous? Will this potentially introduce heresy into your ministry through some unseen theological cyber virus? No, not if you are as grounded as you think you are. Can it lead to the upsetting of your carefully crafted ministry “apple cart” and introduce some faith-stretching concepts or even ministry initiatives. One can only hope!

Here’s how it works:

First, do your homework. As a leader, spend ample time doing your own cyber searching for ministries and organizations that are making an impact on their communities and cultures for Christ. NOTE: Don’t just search those sites that agree with you on every last point of doctrine or methodology. Not only would this defeat the purpose, it would pretty much limit you to your own ministry world, assuming you are as unified as you believe yourselves to be on every point.

Second, encourage your lead team to do the same, bookmarking their favorite sites. And, don’t just search church sites. Expand the quest to include non-profit ministry organizations that may or may not be linked to a local body.

Third, having promoted a time & place  (allow for a whole afternoon or even a day!), pray sincerely for Spirit-led direction & then meet together to begin exploring what God is doing beyond your ministry norms.

Finally, ask important questions & do some real-world follow-up (call a ministry and ask how its really going!) before running with any epiphany your quest produces. Behind the sharp, clean images of cool looking ministry logos is ministry that involves real people with real needs, real administrative and logistical challenges and a whole bunch of unseen stuff that will answer at least one vital question, “If this was so easy, wouldn’t everybody be doing it?” Want a good example? Just click on the image above and check out Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. ( This one really got me jazzed up!

So go for it. Plan your first Cyber Quest. Dare to dream, to vision. Get a glimpse of what God is doing beyond the world you have known.

Getting “out there” with you,


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