Climate Control

thermostatDear Servant Leader,

I remember growing up that Dad was the official keeper of the thermostat in the Pelt household. Actually, only half of the house was air conditioned back then. In the other half we used window fans in the summer and a cast-iron stove in the winter. Dad was in charge of this half of the house as well, although his preferred temperature just happened to coincide with Mom’s… coincidence, no doubt. Especially in the winter, my brother and I would help Dad maintain climate control by bringing in the fire wood from the pile each evening and stacking it next to the back door for the night and following morning. I remember hearing Dad early each morning, before anyone else was up, crumpling up old newspaper, putting in the kindling and a log or two. By the time we got up a while later, the family room was already getting nice and toasty. Especially on those cold Ohio mornings I was glad that Dad was the one in charge of climate control. So here’s the question and leader lesson… are you exercising climate control?

Climate control is a constant. It must be monitored and influenced on a daily basis. It is a combination of spirit, attitude, words and actions. As the servant leader of your organization, you are the official keeper of the thermostat. If it is getting a little too hot, too fast, its up to you to cool things off. If it is growing cold, you have to act to warm things up a bit. No, you can’t control or prevent all of the unseen atmospheric pressures influencing your leadership environment any more than you can control the weather. However, you can do some prayerful predicting and prognosticating, some forecasting, if you will. And, thus, you can maintain a sense of control over the climate in and around your lead team and organization. 

Here are a few practical apps as you exercise daily climate control:

1 – Set the thermostat on praise & thanksgiving. Begin meetings with some time for testimony of answered prayers and movings of God both small and great.

2 – Set the rules for your house as the keeper of the thermostat… no negative pressure fronts allowed to collide with the positive, producing unnecessary storms. 

3 – When a storm is brewing (and they will) and you hear thunder, grab the thermostat! Don’t complain about the temperature, just gather your lead team and prayerfully and purposefully expose the negative fronts that are colliding with your positive, praise-filled vision. Yes, some rain must fall. But you don’t have to let a little rain turn into the kind of storms that leave paths of destruction.

4 – Make sure the storm brewing isn’t coming from you. Again, what kind of influence are you having on your environment? Are you setting the example from the inside-out with thoughts, attitudes, words and actions? Don’t rain on your own parade. Make sure you are allowing the ultimate Weatherman to control your thermostat and set it to His preferred temperature. Sure, some will always complain that it is too hot while others are insisting it is a little cold. However, don’t let this affect your internal temperature or that of your lead team.

Climate change is constant, generally cyclical and still, completely unpredictable. Remember that as a servant leader in Christ you have been empowered to exercise climate control. You are the keeper of the thermostat.

Lovin’ this cool, crisp day!


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