Lead Empty


“He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30

To say that your plate is full would likely be a gross understatement. I just spoke with a great young leader today who in just one week has a funeral, a wedding, hospital visits, team meetings, counseling sessions, is leading the Student Ministries on Wednesdays and, in his spare time, has to prepare to inspire the masses again come Sunday as Lead Pastor! Been there. Done that. Needed therapy. More importantly he is a devoted husband and father of two. Wow! Most of you reading this have similar schedules in your field of spiritual leadership. My advice to all of you who are over committed as you fulfill your callings is this, Lead Empty.

To Lead Empty means to unclutter your mind, your heart. Make it a priority to get away (literally and figuratively) and detox from the cares that threaten to crush you and all you hold dear. Find an accountability partner/group and unload some of the stress, fears, resentment or bitterness that may be accumulating. You can be sure that by the time you recognize these things in yourself, your spouse kids and just about everyone else has known you were losing it for some time. And, please, as much as we all love the limitless supply of cutting edge leadership blogs, downloads, etc, etc, etc… just give it a rest. Besides, your knowledge probably far exceeds your ability to apply most of it in your present leadership context anyway. Do you want to feel full again, full of life and an abiding sense of God’s presence? Then seek to empty yourself of the clutter and competition for your soul. Make room for a quiet encounter with Jesus, His Word, His Holy Spirit. And don’t just make it a one and done deal, seek to make it an integral and normal (whatever that is!) part of your life. I’ll leave you with this thought from a ministry veteran –

“The only thing that hinders the abundance of fullness is the absence of emptiness.”     – Pastor Horace Shepherd Jr.

Lead Empty,


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