The Drag Effect

drag coefficientDear Servant Leader,

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders…” Hebrews 12:1

While watching some golf on TV recently I saw a commercial for golf balls. The selling point had to do with the science of aerodynamics. In particular, what is know as the “drag effect” or coefficient. Golf ball manufacturers are going to great lengths including the hiring of scientists utilizing such tools as wind tunnels and the latest in computer models that plot ball flight from every conceivable angle. The point of the commercial was, in simple terms, the less “drag” on the ball, the farther it will go. Rather than adding to the overall make-up, the “less is more” principle seems to be the order of the day. Of course, the science of it all is far more complex. The space-age composite materials used and the intricate dimple design of the ball’s cover are just a couple components of a more complicated equation designed to minimize friction, maximize velocity and thus, distance. But for the average golfer, we just want to tee it high and hit it long (actually hitting it straight being a luxury and more a product of pure luck)! 

The Leader Lesson is this – Fd = cd 1/2 ρ v2 A. Get it? Me, neither. Evidently this is one of the equations used to actually determine drag effect. Our take-a-way is simply to apply this same concept to our lives and ministries. Why? Because our tendency is towards complexity. The fact is, most of us are “Rocket Scientists” when it comes to adding programs, systems and levels of organization. However, in doing so we only increase drag personally, on our families, our lead teams and overall ministries. Here’s what I suggest…

Gather your lead team and determine to streamline things just a bit. Ask some questions like, “What can we do to reduce the ‘drag’ on our teams spiritually, emotionally, relationally?” “What could we trim away (think procedures and programs) that will help us maximize velocity and distance?” “Could some of our present designs for ministry actually be creating friction?”

Remember, sometimes the next level of health and influence comes not as a result of addition, but subtraction. Take the time, do the math, and summon the courage to “…throw off everything that hinders…” and reduce the drag in your life and ministry.

Tee’em high and let’em ride!


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  1. Great article. Less is more. Saw your in-laws at Illinois State Campmeeting. They look great. By the way I love the pics of you and Andrew together. Man he looks so much like you. Have a blessed day. Hollar a cha later.

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