Freedom Lesson 3 – Free to Act

Valley ForgeDear Servant Leaders,

“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” Colossians 4:5

Imagine if our Founding Fathers merely thought that freedom was a good idea. Imagine if they only spoke, albeit with great passion, about the virtues of liberty. If so, we may yet have some of those ideas and even a few valuable historical documents to reference. However, we would lack the very object of those thoughts and words; namely, The United States of America. In the end mere thoughts and words, however passionate and even divinely inspired, would have proved insufficient. Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine.

Our Founding Fathers were men of action. Having thoroughly discerned, discussed and debated the momentous issue at hand, they took action with a steely resolve knowing full well what it would require. Determined, they forged ahead on the path to freedom, building a representative republic and gathering brave soldiers, young and old, who would soon be called upon to defend their fledgling nation by laying down their very lives.

The Leader Lesson is this – take action. While you are at it, make sure those actions bear witness to what you are for, and not just against. I’ll be specific. It is simply not enough to hold a strong opinion and/or to even speak  passionately about the things you hold sacred. You must act according to your convictions. Act on behalf of the sanctity of marriage, and not just against alternative definitions. Purpose to support the Pro-life cause and not just rally in protest against the evils of abortion. One thing is certain, when you enter a dark room you can yell all you want at that darkness. Nothing will happen. You have got to be proactive, flip the switch and flood the room with light! Action – it means voting, it means giving, it means volunteering in support of the principles of God’s Word. Go the extra mile with the sense that you are privileged to do so as you think about all of the brave men and women serving today, laying down their lives to protect your right to do so.

Let’s bring it home. What do I stand for? Am I able to articulate not only what is wrong with the position of the opposition, but what I believe and why I believe it? Am I living and leading for the cause of Christ, or just against the forces of evil? Remember, in Christ the victory is already won! Don’t spend every waking moment in defense of a case that has already been decided. Rather, proclaim the decision and live according to the verdict that the Supreme Ruler and Judge of all has already made… “So, if the Son has set you free, you are free indeed!” John 8:36

As in the other two Freedom Lessons, I want to provide a few sights that will enable you to think, speak and act in a proactive and informed way, and influence those you lead with the same: – Family Research Council – Wallbuilders – The Heritage Foundation – Focus On the Family Citizenlink

One more thing… the ultimate act was and will always be the sacrifice of God the Son, Jesus Christ, given for the freedom of all who will confess, repent and believe in Him. Which makes the ultimate act we can do the sharing of that same freedom with someone who still hasn’t tasted the true liberation that comes through Him. So, act on the victory that has been so graciously won for you. Take action by sharing with someone your testimony, the simple story of how Jesus Christ has made all the eternal difference in your life.

Free in Him,


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