Freedom Lesson 2 – Free to Speak


“But Peter and John replied, ‘Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.'” Acts 3:19-20

Words are power. Of course, almost as powerful as those spoken are those that never escape our lips. Which begs a great question we should pose to ourselves each day, “What am I not saying?” And, a follow-up, “Why am I not saying it?” As much as opposing forces are arrayed to silence the voices of conservative Christianity, we still have the right to speak the whole counsel of the Word of God in our homes, our communities, around the water cooler, at the gym, the ball field or our churches.

Let’s get right to the leader lesson on this one – speak up and speak now. From casual conversations to the most official forums, have the courage to voice the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like the “Fife and Drummers” of old who led the way into battle armed only with the song of liberty, speak bravely. Speak up about the sanctity of human life. Speak up about the sanctity of marriage between one man, one woman, for life. Speak up about the right to speak out for Biblical principle. Speak against the calculated creativity of revisionist historians whenever they seek to paint as close-minded religious zealots or power hungry despots our beloved Biblical heroes or Founding Fathers. Speak, in three distinct ways…

Speak Informed. Again, as in Lesson One, “Free to Think,” check out the following links to stay informed, especially concerning the news and views that mainstream sources strategically leave unreported. Simply hover over each link for a preview of “click” to access the site: – The Family Research Council – The Heritage Foundation – Wallbuilders – Citizenlink

Speak intentional. Don’t talk around the issues, just get right to the point. And, don’t be afraid to use the strategy employed so well by Jesus when faced with ridiculously loaded questions, ask an even better one. Put the ball back in their court.

And, speak in love. Don’t be defensive. In Christ, our position is one of victory. Don’t be argumentative. The truth argues sufficiently for itself. Don’t insult. The Word of God cuts with surgical accuracy as needed. Besides, regardless of who you are engaging in conversation, Jesus died for them and wants them to know His love and tender mercy more than He wants you to win for Him a minor debate.

In the early chapters of Acts the disciples were just beginning to face what would go from mild discomfort to outright martyrdom. Still, they were determined to speak and stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a holy boldness, convicted of their calling, and sure of their reward. Tap into the same source of determination by asking the Holy Spirit to fill you with equal measures of boldness and compassion. Exercise your God-given right to speak up and speak now the truth that is found all and only in Christ Jesus.

Free in Christ,


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